Committed to Nation Building

The African Capital Alliance (ACA) Foundation was founded in September 2012 to provide an organized and strategic way of contributing to nation building. From inception, ACAF has been committed to nation building via several different platforms and partnerships with different organisations in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Who We Are

Since our formation, we have extended our commitment to nation-building through several different platforms and partnerships with organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors to ensure we achieve our goal of increasing good governance, ethical business leadership and entrepreneurial education for Africa’s youth.

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Our Mission, Goals and Strategy


To promote an enabling business environment, which encourages and supports successful businesses led by ethical leaders.


To increase ethical business leadership, entrepreneurial and business skills development of the African youth.


We maximize the impact of our giving, by strategically selecting partners whose missions and goals closely align with ours.

ACA Traditional Grants

ACA Foundation is committed to creating a community of like-minded high impact organizations as partners. As a business, we are passionate about creating enabling business environment in the countries we operate in. Our areas of focus are as follows:

– Ethics
– Entrepreneurship
– Governance

The Ethical Living Project

The Foundation is elevating its focus on ethics (one of its three thematic areas of interest). Towards this, it has partnered with ENACTUS Nigeria to develop and deliver an ethics awareness-building programme to train secondary school students in ethical leadership.

ACA Foundation Impact Stories

This is a collection of impact stories, over a decade of resilient work through the ACA Foundation partnerships, inventions, projects and initiatives. It highlights incredible accomplishments with individuals and organizations who we hold so dear to our hearts and who have been an important part of the ACAF Community and our success.

Latest News and Events