Grant Streams


– Requests will only be considered from registered non-profit organizations based in Nigeria.

– The organization’s initiatives must align with ACAF’s mission in any of these three broad areas; Ethics Entrepreneurship and Governance.

ACA Foundation is committed to creating a community of like-minded high impact organizations as partners. As a business, we are passionate about creating enabling business environment in the countries we operate in.

Our areas of focus are as follows:
– Ethics
– Entrepreneurship
– Governance

We partner with organizations with initiatives directly focused on any of the three area highlighted above, with operations in Nigeria.

If your NGO fits into any of the the three areas, and you have reviewed the operational guidelines above, you can proceed to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

– Establish a strong proof of concept and demonstrate commercial viability over the long run.

– Have a dedicated management team that has spent at least 6 months working on the business/project.

– Product must be scalable – the company’s potential customer base must be at least 2.5% of the Nigerian population (4.5 million people).

– VCs should have invested in these startups already and be ready to recommend them as recipients.

Recently introduced, this scheme is focused on supporting specific high-impact tech developments/start-ups in Nigeria. These grants will be channeled through VCs and incubators to deserving “startups”, with a capacity to solve critical problems and make a sustainable impact.

NB: Please note that individual startups cannot apply directly. Only VCs can apply and recommend startups for the grant.