Implementation Partners

We achieve our goals by working with established and high-impact organizations whose missions align with ours

Although the ACA Foundation was created to broaden the nation-building work of its founding partners, the ultimate selection of implementation partners for various projects is by invitation only and is according to strict guidelines that ensure effective and efficient use of our limited resources. We work closely with the following partner organizations and provide both financial and strategic support where necessary.


African Leadership Academy (ALA)

ALA, founded in 2007 in South Africa, is a pan-African academy with the objective to identify, develop, and connect the next generation of African leaders. It admits 100 outstanding secondary school students across Africa every year and immerses them in rigorous leadership development and entrepreneurial programs before placing them at top universities worldwide. In the past, the foundation has sponsored outstanding Nigerian students and an ACA executive sits on the academy’s Global Advisory Council.

African Leadership Leadership Initiative (ALIWA)

ALIWA originated from the Africa Leadership Initiative in 2006. Its main objective is to develop the next generation of community-spirited leaders in Africa and help them to meet the challenges of corporate and civic leadership in the 21st century. ALIWA fellows are men and women between the ages of 30 and 45, successful in their fields, both in the public and private sector, and committed to promoting values-based leadership. The foundation is a sponsor of the ALIWA class of 2015/2016 and sits on the organisation’s Board of Directors.

Apostles In The MarketPlace (AIMP)

The AiMP network was established in 2003 by a small group of Christian professionals committed to making a lasting impact on society. AiMP’s founding objective is to help individuals in their personal transformation leading to transformation at all levels of society. The ACA Foundation lends support to AiMP’s key leadership team and several ACA executives are involved in the organization’s leadership projects.

Center for Research in Leadership and Ethics (CRLE)

CRLE was founded in 2013 with the aim to positively influence the Nigerian and African environment through knowledge creation (research) and dissemination in the area of leadership and ethics. The ACAF has sponsored CRLE’s research and events including its 2017 Agribusiness Industry Breakfast Meeting, which explored the role of high ethical practice in improving the overall competitive advantage of businesses operating in the Agriculture sector.

Davton Learn

Davton Learn is a tech start-up, that provides bespoke, online video-learning platform for professional certifications to organisations and the working population. Having begun operations in 2016, their vision is to be at the fore front of continuous learning; constantly innovating to meet the educational needs of professionals.


Decagon is an elite talent institute in Nigeria producing world-class software engineers and developers who can be available to the tech startups /ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond. Its 6-months intense software and leadership training is focused on transforming Nigerian youths to world-class software developers and leaders in the tech industry even if they cannot pay.

Doctoora E-Health

Doctoora E- Health, launched in 2018, is an online marketplace for short term medical facility rentals. The tech start-up has also established a group practice focused on antenatal care services called Mamaville pregnancy partners (MPP) that leverages on short-term facility rentals to deliver affordable access to antenatal services. They are on a mission to create healthier communities in Africa by connecting healthcare professionals and consumers to quality healthcare facilities.


Enactus Nigeria was founded in 2000 and provides a platform for teams of outstanding university students to create community development projects that put the ingenuity and talent of our youth at the core of their capacity to improve their livelihoods. Enactus teams work through the year to design their projects. At the end of the year, each team presents their annual report and projects to a panel of top business/corporate leaders at the Enactus Business Challenge (Annual National Competition). The ACA Foundation has sponsored the Enactus Nigeria National Competition since 2017.

Energy Detectors Technologies (Up NEPA)

Energy Detectors Technologies designed a solution to assist inhabitants of major cities in Nigeria to improve their knowledge of grid power trends. “UpNepa”, designed in 2017, is a web and app product that helps users aggregate data on electricity supply, outages and related complains across local communities in Nigeria, towards helping them make better decisions.

FATE Foundation

FATE Foundation was founded in 2000 and provides aspiring, emerging and experienced entrepreneurs with training, knowledge, and information on how to start, grow and sustain their businesses. The ACA Foundation is the sole sponsor of the FATE Agribusiness Accelerator Pilot program, designed to provide training and financial support to early-stage, high-potential and growth-driven agribusinesses over a 3-6 month period.

Government College Umuahia (GCU)

GCU is an all-boys secondary school founded in 1929, which recently became the first public school in Nigeria to be transferred to private ownership through a trust. The trust known as the Fisher Trust is working to restore the school as a citadel of excellence and to ensure it receives proper management and sustainable funding going forward. The ACA Foundation is rendering financial and strategic support to GCU’s leadership team.

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Harvard Business School Alumni Association
of Nigeria (HBSAN)

Registered in 1983 and founded by Dick Kramer, Chief Shonekan and other HBS alumni, the HBSAN was created to serve as a network capable of interfacing with the government. Soon it would become a valuable resource for the eventual take-off of valuable initiatives including the Nigerian Economic Summits, ‘Vision 2010’, the NESG, and the Nigerian Vision Foundation.

Since formally entering into partnership with HBSAN, ACA Foundation has invested in reviving HBSAN’s membership to support leadership excellence and entrepreneurship in Nigeria through its ethical leadership series, business plan competitions, mentoring circles and support for entrepreneurs in all sectors of the economy. ACA Foundation partner, Dick Kramer, serves on the Board of Trustees and several ACA executives are involved with the Private Equity Mentor Circle.

Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN)

JAN was founded in 1999 with the mission to instill one million primary and secondary students in Nigeria with the necessary entrepreneurial mindset and civic values through economic education programs by the year 2020.

Since 2001, ACA Foundation has supported the Venture in Management Programme (ViMP), a program designed to introduce high-performing members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to rigorous management education to adequately prepare them for the workplace.

Lagos Business School (LBS) and Pan-Atlantic University (PAU)

LBS was founded in 1991 to offer management courses relevant to the Nigerian business environment with a view to creating a world-class management education institution.

In 1996, LBS began a joint Executive MBA programme with IESE Business School, Barcelona and received federal government approval to establish a Pan-Atlantic University in January 2002.

By 2007, LBS had consolidated its status as Nigeria’s only premier business school, ranking among the top 50 business schools globally, according to the Financial Times.

ACA founders Dick Kramer, Chief Shonekan, Pascal Dozie and Okey Enelamah have held teaching positions and served on the board of LBS, with Mr. Dozie still Chairman of PAU Foundation Trustees. The ACA Foundation also sponsors scholarships for financially needy students in the undergraduate arm of the Pan-Atlantic University.

Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG) And Other Public Sector Initiatives

First convened by Chief Shonekan in 1993, the NESG is the largest public-private sector partnership in Nigeria. Its purpose is to assess and implement pathways for national development. It is supported by various private and public sector leaders in Nigeria, including ACA co-founders Dick Kramer, Pascal Dozie and Mohammed Hayatu-Deen. Over the years, ACA partners have continued and still support the NESG through public-sector initiatives such as the Petroleum Industry Bill, the Pension Commission Reform and several ministry initiatives including the Ministry for Information and Communications Technology. The Foundation also sponsors the National Assembly Business Roundtable (NASSBER) which sits in NESG Private Sector Development and Cooperation (PSDC) Office, an initiative intended to formulate and push policies affecting the business environment.

One Precious Life (OPL) Academy

One Precious Life (OPL) Academy founded in 2018, is a non- governmental organization focused on upskilling and certifying construction workers in Nigeria and placing them in competitive jobs, with training programs for plumbers, electricians, masons and carpenters.

OPL Academy kicked off engagement with its flagship program, the Tradesman Empowerment Programme (TEP) this year. The TEP runs in four program streams across the year and closes off with scholarships awarded to high performing candidates in each program stream, to sit for the internationally recognized and industry approved City and Guilds certification. ACA Foundation is the sole sponsor of the Tradesman Empowerment Programme (TEP).

Roadpreppers Technologies (

Roadpreppers Technologies, set up in 2013, is the tech start-up behind – Nigeria’s foremost local transport adviser. empowers people in fragmented public transit cities to plan, commute and connect better on their trips, by offering public transportation navigation options with estimated fare quotes and timing, in regions where public transit data are inaccessible, unstructured, chaotic, do not exist and are most needed.


Tradebuza, set up in 2018, is a tech startup which digitizes management of outgrower schemes to network of buyers in agro-commodity communities in Nigeria more effectively, improving efficiency, provide visibility and transparency into outgrowers and commodities sourcing activities in real time.


TREP Labs, set up in 2018, is tech start-up that aims to solve the problem of remote monitoring of flow rate and volume of intravenous fluid for patients. The Company produces a “Real-Drip”, a remotely monitored drip that aims to empower medical professional with better insight into patient response to drips and ultimately prevent thrombosis.

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